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Great Value Green Energy Made Easy

Get a quote and a £40 credit on switch

Switch in less than 5 mins

Switching your supplier sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. As soon as you’ve registered, we take it from there. You don't need to tell your previous supplier, and you don’t need an engineer to come round. We’re one of the first suppliers to sign up to the Energy Switch Guarantee because we’re passionate about making things easy for our customers.

You'll never need to bother with comparison websites again

Life's too short to be worrying about whether you've picked the best tariff. That's why we’ve kept things simple! We only offer 1 fixed rate tariff at any one time, so there's no confusion as to which tariff to choose. We're also committed to always offering great prices and our Low Price Commitment is our promise to you that you'll never need to shop around again.

Have your say on where your electricity comes from

Our customers get to choose whether we get our green electricity from solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric or tidal generators. Customers can vote at any point during the year and we will make sure we procure our energy according to what they say.